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We have a team of professional engineers who engage in product developing, manufacturing and installation so that we can give our customers services from factory layout design to product installation as well as after-sale service.


QINGDAO TRADE PEAK Co., Ltd. is located in the West Coast Economic Zone at 2011, which manufacturing & trading combo produce and export mini dumper , mini excavator, plate compactor, concrete mixer and other construction machinery for almost 10 years.

At TRADE PEAK, we are committed to providing the highest quality control of mini dumper, mini excavator, concrete mixer, wood chipper. Perfect customer service, competitive pricing, speedy delivery and a comprehensive, cutting-edge product offering. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.
TRADE PEAK, Open and Hug the world!



Customs And Celebrations Of Various Countries On Thanksgiving

Customs and celebrations of various countries on Thanksgiving

Americans: reunion, carnival, shopping, eating In the United States, like the Spring Festival in China, on Thanksgiving Day, thousands of people, no matter how busy they are, have to reunite with their families and enjoy a sumptuous holiday dinner together. Every Thanksgiving, every American family eats turkey. Turkey has become a symbol of Thanksgiving, and they usually eat some traditional…

Are You Ready For The Toughest Winter Challenges?

Are you ready for the toughest winter challenges?

Today is the nineteenth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms - Beginning of Winter, we call it “Lidong” in Chinese. It means that from a dry climate with little rain in autumn to a winter with rainy and cold weather, and winter is nearly. From now on, living areas where snow drifts is already prepared, the machine to the…

After Sales Service At Trade Peak

After sales service at Trade Peak

We came back after our National Day Holiday on 9th, and also meet the 17th Solar Terms- Cold Dew, also called” Han lu” in Chinese. It’s the symbol of late autumn, and means the weather become cold. For Chinese manufacturers, we finish some orders loading, so today I want to introduce our after sales service when they arrived to your…

Small Order Quantity OEM

For better developing your market at your end, OEM makes your brand name and LOGO is available.

Fast Delivery

The goods can be delivered in 7 days after payment. For large order quantity, the delivery time is 25-30 days after payment.


Manufacture and Sales of Products Certified  TUV TEST 08, CE ect.

Quality Management

Design and Production of Products, Incoming Materials Inspected.
In-process Product 100% Check.