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Give A Mini Excavator More Chance

Give A Mini Excavator More Chance

Today is the 5th Solar term in China, we call it “Qingming” in Chinese, it is also known as Tomb Sweeping Day In English and is a traditional Chinese festival observed by the Han Chinese. During Qingming, Chinese families visit the tombs of their ancestors to clean the grave-site, pray to their ancestors, and make ritual offerings. Offerings would typically include traditional food dishes, and the burning of joss sticks and joss paper. Along with the development of times, people use chrysanthemum to worship.

From last year, Chinese government advise all the citizens to do tree burial or sea-burial. For the people who has already gone, they will move to a new Yuanlin. When some Chinese traditional festival comes, all the relatives can hold a memorial ceremony for their families on this special places. Therefore, there is more lands for planting good vegetation to protect the environment. During these period, they will use mini excavator to dig the soil, and make the ground fresh. It is easy and helpful for construction. Now, let’s see how they make it.

First of all, they need to choose an excavator. There is mini excavator, middle excavator and big construction excavator. For the mini excavator, its operating capacity is from 1000 kgs to 3000 kgs. Diesel fuel type is with stronger power, the engine brand is CHANGCHAI, KOOP, YANMAR, etc. Although it called mini excavator, you can use it simple and convenience. When workers move these cemetery, the standard bucket is the best suitable with width 380mm. The Max. Digging radius on ground is 2850mm, the Min. Rotation radius is 1330mm, mini excavator can cover all parts within this area. After they finished digging, workers can replace standard bucket to narrow one or wider type. The narrow bucket width is 200mm, it can help you to carry things from a neck of land. The wider one is 500mm with levelling, they can use it to make the ground smoothly.

There is still a lot of accessories on mini excavator to make sure it can be used in the different conditions. For the breaker, if there is some hard stone or mineral, it can solve it quickly. For the raker, you can use it for sacrifying the soil before you plant. For the auger drill, you use it for doing poles. When you plant something, you can use it to dig holes instead of labor. For the ripper, it can help you to split the hard soil. The log gripple can make the timber carry quickly. And the most important function of mini excavator, you can modify the rubber tracks. When you operate it in different landform, some needs narrow, some should be wider. After you start the engine, use the swing arm and bucket to support the excavator, also lift up the front blade, now you fix the mini excavator well to adjust the rubber tracks.

After knowing this, you can realize how workers use mini excavator in graveyard. Being human, we have the responsibility to protect our earth. No matter what happened, where we are, this is our duty to make the world better and stronger.