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How To Find A Mini Excavator

How to find a Mini Excavator

At the begin of September, we replenished the mini excavator inventory of overseas warehouses again. Now this machine remained the popular choice for a variety of tasks within a diverse range of industries. Before you want to choose a mini digger to work with you, it’s important to understand the differences between compact and standard excavation machines. Mini excavators offer some benefits compared to regular excavators that make them better suited to certain jobs.

Mini excavator are lighter and smaller, meaning they offer reduced track marks and top ground damage. The compact nature of mini excavators compared to larger machines makes them much easier to work with on crowded sites. Another benefit of the smaller size of compact machines is that you can easily transport them between sites. You can load your excavator on the back of a utility truck or trailer for quick transfer between sites. Always make sure the trailer can support your excavator’s weight first.

When comparing mini excavators, there’s some considerations almost always affect the type and size of machine you get, as they directly impact the level of productivity on the job site.
Before committing to a particular model, pair your specific needs with the machine’s capabilities to see how they match up. With this in mind, here is some elements of our digger for your reference,

Physical Size
Since one of the primary advantages of a mini excavator is its ability to fit in tight spaces, the
most basic consideration is the physical size of the machine. Measure any narrow gates or
other confined areas you want to be able to drive the excavator through and you’ll have an
upper limit on how large a machine you can buy.
Rated Power
This represents the total output of the machine is capable with the lower power reserved for light duties, like landscaping and material handling while the higher is dedicated to stump removal, trenching, heavy-duty construction, and mining applications. Trade Peak diggers’ power ranges between 10KW-33KW.
Max digging depth
This is often one of the primary considerations when buying a mini excavator as it dictates the depth of the trench. For our equipment, the max digging depths is between 1400mm-3772mm, can handle the vast majority of all utility, landscaping, and basic residential construction work.
Operating weight
Referred to as “mini” or “compact,” our excavator typically weighs between 900-1000kg and is chosen for the minimal impact it has on the work environment, if minimizing damages to landscaping is important to your business, lighter machines provide a nice benefit.
Maximum governed
Intended to maintain the torque load on the engine under varying demands, a common maximum governed RPM for our mini excavators is around 2200 RPM.

Whether you want to import mini excavator for reselling or choose for your personal business, excavator supplier is just as important as the machine itself. Trade Peak is with professional and knowledgeable team, provide the best after sale service, including instruction of routine maintenance and inspection. We recommend the most suitable equipment according to your use and requirement with the reasonable analysis of different market. To help customers maximize their benefits.
Welcome to your inquiry! We’re already preparing to serve you:)