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How To Make Business Online Better During The Epidemic?

How to make business online better during the epidemic?

Today is the 6th solar term of the 24th solar terms in Chinese traditional festival. We call it “Guyu”, and also named Grain Rain in English. It is the last solar term in Spring, and it is the best time for farmers to arrange their plant. All the cold snap weather will be away, the temperature will be higher and higher than before. During this period, all the lives in earth grows fast and well. We still hope this term can take virus away.

Is all your business slow down because of the virus? Is all order canceled by the high express cost? Is all the stock products kept in your warehouse longer than before? I think the answer could be Yes. However, have you noticed that people spend much more time online than usual? Have you caught their more demand and make purchasing experience well? Now, let’s see what we could do.

Announce your company action on your website and other sales platforms. It includes the opening time, sales plan, service and delivery. During this special time, make sure all people know you are still doing business. If they have some inquiry, they can find you easily and supply your phone number and email 24 hours. For the opening time, it depends on your local government policy. Normally it is one day for people to go to warehouse to arrange delivery. You can adjust it according to your own rules. Maybe 10:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m. The best thing is to guarantee the exact opening time everyday.

Pay more attention on sales plan. This is the huge work. Make clear stock list, because you could not import or purchase something quickly. Prepare all the instruction book of your models, make them into electric file, you can transfer it to your client by email or other SNS application. Show more details of your product, such as mini dumper, mini excavator structure, working process, function, etc. There is lack of face to face communication with people, so give people a whole and wide view on your products. At the same time, prepare more masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. Because these items has been sold out from the supermarket and clinics. We should supply more kind to people.

Service is the best supporter for your business. It includes product & sales service. For the product, we should prepare more working videos of our products, for instance, the assembled video, operating process, simple points of fixing. Make all these into a little CD or a file, transfer to buyer. The aim is to make their purchase easy and simple. Maybe you will ask what sales service is. It means we will advise our customer how to arrange their own seller, this is based on the data we analyzed. You can provide each dealer’s sales information in the last two years, and know which part is the advantage, then to customize the plan.

Make the delivery as fast as possible. It is a challenge for you to make sure the delivery. There is different ways of logistics, we should make combined transportation with them and to know which way is the best choice. Put your company logo sticker on your package, it is clear for them to know the parcel and pallet is where to go. On the other hand, estimated your stuff numbers, communicate with them to gain a better price, no matter how to work with them.
The last and most important thing is our faith. I’ve heard lot of negative words these days. That’s useless under this circumstance. We do what we can do and guarantee what we said. Lockdown time is just a period of our business, we get together to fight and conquer it. Try our best to give clients more care and understanding, help our dealers to make their sales better. It is connected us more closer than ever before to ensure good relationship. Anyway, all must be good. We will meet each other at the near future, sit and talk together to enjoy our life.