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Meeting Tomb-Sweeping Day

Meeting Tomb-Sweeping Day

Today is the Tomb-Sweeping Day (Qingming Festival) which is one of the forth traditional festival in China. We also called it Outing festival, because it’s a good time to enjoying Spring. During the Qingming Festival, no matter where they are, people will return to their hometowns to participate in ancestor worship activities, remembering ancestors, is an important way to thank the ancestors and close human relationships. Here I want to introduce some customs of the festival:

Worshipping ancestors: The methods of worshipping ancestors in Qingming Dynasty vary from place to place. The common practice consists of two parts: one is to renovate the tomb, and the other is to hang and burn paper money and offer sacrifices. When sweeping the tomb, the tomb is first repaired. The main method is to remove weeds, cultivate new soil, and then bow and worship.

Spring Outing: Chinese people like spring outing very much, generally referring to going for a walk in the countryside in early spring, Since the Qingming solar terms very suitable for the Spring outing in terms of time and meteorological characteristics, so it became the customs of this Festival gradually.

Planting tree: Before and after Qingming, the spring sun is shining and the spring rain is sprinkling, the survival rate of planting saplings is high and the growth is fast. Therefore, there is the habit of planting trees during the Qingming Festival, and some people call the Qingming Festival the “Arbor Day”.

Kite-flying: It is a favorite activity of people during the Qingming Festival. Kite is a kind of aircraft that uses pure aerodynamics. In the past, some people cut the strings after flying their kites in the blue sky, and let the breeze send them to the ends of the earth. It is said that this can cure diseases and bring good luck to themselves.


For now, more and more festival with the same meaning, family get together. No matter for playing, having dinner or traveling together, it’s a pretty time to stay with our family. Especially in the covid-19 situation, all of us should take care of ourselves. For my opinion, this is the best meaning for us– to treasure everything. Meanwhile, Trade Peak will keep hard working to bring more, such as innovative equipment, best service, reliable after-sales, etc. Everything goes better, only takes time.