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Something About Importing ATV

Something About Importing ATV

Recently I have received many inquiry of ATV, even it is during the epidemic time, this item is so attractive. Although we cannot be trading this item as normal, customer said: I’m going to buy it as my kid’s gift.

On the one hand, I’m really honor to find that our products is top rated in the North America market, on the other hand, there is some points you should concern about.

I do not advise you to buy as a container without knowing the quality. So you need to buy a sample first. As a reseller , it is very important for you to know your local policy of importing vehicles before you source the market. ATV is an item with engine, it must be with EPA certificate when you are imported, furthermore, if you are in California State, the vehicle also must be with CARB certificate. All this two certificate is the protection of environment. We support and follow this policy. At the next step, you can source the market to know which part you are in. There is kids ATV, adult ATV, Quad Bike, UTV, etc. Some of them used for road, some of them in farm, some of them for sports. No matter which style you choose, the importing operating is same.

For the third part, you should register a company in your country. Because these ATV, which not be allowed shipping by express but sea, you decide to buy it from abroad, there is bond and ISF information to transfer to local. That means your action is legal. Before the goods arrived at the destination port, you need to prepare importing documents, such as packing list & commercial invoice, proforma invoice, Bill of loading, certification to pick the goods up and make customs clearance and you have to pay for the local port importing cost and duty taxes. If this process is difficult for you, we can supply our forwarder to support.

Then the most careful point you will be worried about is the after service. Such as how to assemble, how to fix frame, how to operate ATV, how to get the spare parts, etc. Let me explain it. There is engine after service all over the world, every engine has its own factory number, if it was broken, you can call for help to tell them your number and they will solve it for you. For the frame of ATV, there is VIN number at the front of cart, you can tell us this and we can figure out what parts you need to prepare and replace. And also we supply all the operating and assembled video to help you knowing it well. We are the old friend of AAPEX, and take part in exhibition in North America, it is easy for us to face to face communication.

After all this, you will have a wide view on importing ATV. If you just want a test, we can provide the online test or video about the project you want.

All of the “IF” only for showing our sincerity and the promise, and hope to be your ATV partner together soon.