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Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival

Today is 5th May in Lunar calendar, it’s one of the four traditional festivals in China, we call it Dragon Boat Festival, and also in Chinese we say “Duan Wu“. It originated from the ancient Chinese custom of worshiping dragons, and was later used to memorize the ancient poet Qu Yuan.

In traditional Chinese festivals, the customs in different places are not the same. The rich customs of the Dragon Boat Festival can be compared with the Spring Festival, it’s my pleasure to introduce some customs as follows:

1.Dragon boating. This is one of the most important activities in this festival, it is popular in south of China. It’s the ritual of the ancient dragon totem sacrifice, also a culture left over. Pray for blessings, warm weather and good luck. As early as 7000 years ago, ancient had used canoes to form wooden boats, and paddled with wooden paddles. The dragon boat was originally a dragon-shaped canoe carved from a single wooden boat, and later developed into a dragon boat made of boards. Now this activity is also more interesting, and the dragon boat race has been developed.

2.Eating Zongzi. The main materials of Zongzi are rice, fillings and leaves. There are many kinds of this food, due to the difference of taste in North and South in China, Zongzi also has two type: Sweet taste and Salted. According to legend, eating Zongzi is to commemorate Qu Yuan, after he passed away in the river, people threw Zongzi in the river to feed the fishes avoid them biting the body of him .

3.Hanging wormwood and calamus. Wormwood’s stems and leaves contain volatile aromatic oil, and the unique smell can get mosquitoes insects and ants away , and clean the air. The leaves of the calamus are medicines for refreshing, strengthening body and killing insects, we usually hang it on the door. There are some people in other places putting these plants in water and bathing with it. Same effect as above.

4.Wear five-color silk thread. On this day, children will tie a rope made by 5 colors thread to wrist and ankle.In traditional Chinese culture, the five colors “green, red, white, black, yellow” are regarded as auspicious colors, so this rope means far away from the evil spirits. When the first rainy comes after the festival, we cut this rope , that means it will take the illness together away.

All these customs comes with the best wishes from people, and I hope these wishes can help all of us through this hard time. No matter who you are, where you live, we all conquer it together. And today, Canton Fair Online Exhibition is finished. Thanks for all our clients visiting and contacting with us, exchanging business card. As far as i concern, this is a good start for both of us. Good purchasing experience and high quality maintain is our aim to support you all the time. Thanks for your reading. Trade Peak wish you a nice weekend.