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Are You Ready For The Toughest Winter Challenges?

Are you ready for the toughest winter challenges?

Today is the nineteenth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms – Beginning of Winter, we call it “Lidong” in Chinese. It means that from a dry climate with little rain in autumn to a winter with rainy and cold weather, and winter is nearly.

From now on, living areas where snow drifts is already prepared, the machine to the toughest cold weather is indeed helpful, so today, I want to guide you how to choose the suitable snow blower to give you a big favor in hard winter.

First, you should better know the structure of snow thrower.
The power of it is petrol, standard engine brand Loncin. To meet more requirements, each model with two power levels for better choice. Rely on the auger and impeller to collect snow then blow it to other places through the deflector lock. There’s a control lever on the handlebar to make operation, transporting by wheels or tracks to suit for all terrains.

Then, find the best size and type according to these judgments:
1.How much snow you usually need to sweep?
The intake height of the machine you use will be determined.
2.What’s the forms of the snow you receive?
Light and powdery means you can consider the smaller power type.
Heavy and wet type usually accompanied by a lot of ice which means the bigger auger and impeller is necessary.
3.What surfaces will you be running your snow blower on?
For Smooth Pavement / Asphalt, 1-stage model is working well with it.
For the uneven pavement such as Stone / Gravel / Dirt, I recommend you 2-stage model because the auger that sucks up the snow does not contact the clearing surface.
4.How sloped is the surface?
Our machine is with wheels and tracks, two types, first one will be more suitable for flat, crawler is popular in the slight or steep slope.
5.How much area are you using this machine on?
The Clearing width is also important for choosing a snow blower, it’s depend on your work in your garden or clear the road or for the whole empty square.

Meanwhile, you should also consider the different features of the machine by your preference.
More and more people are finding a convenient way to start the equipment, so we can mount the electric system to help them achieve one-click start. See clearly at dawn or dusk with dual LED headlights also suit for someone working in dark. Heated hand grips is the thoughtful design to ensure comfortable command in even the coldest conditions.

Normal purchase season about snow blower is June and July in every year, which to ensure the cargo can be on sale season before winter coming, hope this page can help you make the purchase plan on right date, Trade Peak is waiting for your inquiry all the time.