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New Products – Trade Peak Electric Power Handtruck

New Products – Trade Peak Electric Power Handtruck

Hello, welcome to Trade Peak Channel! This is Samantha from Trade Peak company in China. Welcome back to ‘Products’ Talk’. As we all know, there is only one planet is suitable for human being living, that is earth. Since development of industry, a lot of air pollution has been come out, especially from transportation, manufacturer, etc. As one of the members of factories, it is our mission to do something to make our living better, so Trade Peak electric power handtruck was born from this.


Trade Peak Electric Handtruck is with 20ah, 24v lead acid battery(lithium battery is optional), the working time of this kind of power is max. 10 hours after fully charged. DC Brushless Motor 550W can make your working powerful, loading capacity is 300 kgs with different stuff, with two pneumatic wheels 3.00-10 could keep balanced well when full carrying. Considering the better usage, there is gear transmission, 1 forwarder / 1 reverse, the fast speed is 7km per hour, safety climbing height is 20 degree with 300 kgs capacity. For the front metal plate, size could be customized as your request.



From the detail picture you see, the switch function is at the right handle bar, and when you push the red button at the black metal box, it is connected with electric, there are three lights shinning, it means the electric handtruck with full battery. Please pushing throttle system to adjust the fast and slow speed. There is one thing I need to repeat, have you seen the little red button near the switch, forwarder and reverse function is controlled by it. When you push it one time, it is go ahead, then second time, it is back. The whole height of electric handtruck is 1600mm, to be shorter or taller, it is no problem. Also it can be with different chargers, such as European, UK, American style, etc. As one of Trade Peak product, electric handtruck with wooden pallet like mini dumper, it is 90% assembly, only need you to fix the wheels when you open it.




For now, you may worry about the after service, something like, if the battery is broken, what should I do? Or if it doesn’t work, how do I fix it by myself in local? Or what about the wearing parts? So we prepare instruction for your reference, it showed the connections of every different wire, and how it works. It also included some notice tips for your usage, considering the replacement easy, red switch, wires supplied for free. It has been already sent to Norway, Denmark, Greece for testing, we got good feedback from customers.

It is used a lot in construction fields. Workers use it to transport bricks, granite and stones. Also in furniture carry company, it could be useful for their customers who want to move something heavier, there is a nylon belt for fixing goods on it. With the pneumatic tires, no stuck issue when it’s in muddy places, and black metal box is waterproof. After all my simple introduction, I believe you must want to know more about it and how it exactly used in your hand. So any inquiry to us is welcomed.

Open & Hug all the possibility, Trade Peak is sincerely support each other to be better.