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Purchasing Tips For Importing ATV As Wholesale

Purchasing Tips for Importing ATV as Wholesale

Welcome to Trade Peak Channel, Today is the last solar term in 24 solar terms, comes around January 20 each year, we call it” DA HAN” in Chinese, and named as Major Cold. It also represents the end of 24 solar terms and also marks the end of winter. When this day arrives, it’s time to welcome the Spring Festival. Chinese people get busy with buying new things, salting the meat and preparing New Year good. This solar term is consequently imbued with happy expectations of family reunions and a fresh new start.

But for you, my foreign customers and partners, new year has already begun. Many of you started to purchase for 2021. Regarding to most requests on importing process, I got idea and would like to list some tips, different market is with various regulations, especially for All Terrian Vehicles in North-America, abbreviation is ATV.

First of all, you must have importing license, it means there is a company information registered in local government, then we can go ahead. Most of you will use google to source vendors, such as trading company or manufacturer, both is ok. For most important part, there must be action plan proved by Consumer Protection Safety Committee, it means your company takes responsiblity for the safety and after-service when you are selling ATV in your local market, and when you do clearance at port, this documents still needs to be supplied to customs.

Then talk about the power you need, normally it is from 49cc to bigger one. If your consumers are for playground and home-stay, 49cc to 200cc is enough, and also this series is the top rated items in all range. At the same time, there is gasoline and electric version. For gasoline fuel, engine must be with EPA certificate, it is the namecard of selling in North-American market, including Loncin, Briggs& Stratton, Honda, HSD, etc. When your location is in California, CARB certificate needs double check. It shows the different emission standards of engine. If you choose the electrical, UL prove on battery and charger is the strict line for purchasing.

Different suppliers are with different appearance on ATV, to be honest, the chassis is almost same, there are two big areas in China who made ATV, one is located near Yangtze River with lightweight structure and variety of plastics covers , another is in North with thick materials and top quality tubeless tyres in this fields. So you can choose it according to your local market. After this step, you will go into the order details confirmation. Suppliers need to prepare proforma invoice with company stamp and signature for you, you need to sign back on it to ensure all is correct.

Considering the best usaging experience and safety on kids and adults, do not forget to request CE certificate on ATV and tested by TUV is the best one to gaurantee your importing right. The manual must be packed in package to make your assembly easy and simple.

For most companies, deposit is necessity, from 30% to 50% is the standard, after you did it in advance, transfer this copy of payment to them, they will arrange products for you. During this period, you can ask them to supply producing process with photos or videos to know what’s going on with order, and if there is something need to be changed, both of you can talk and solve it immediately. The whole finished order pictures must be offered when it’s done. The following step is booking shipment.

Sea freight from any port in China can be to your basic port in local, vendors can do this part for you, anyway, if you have your own broker, that’s no problem to tell them what you bought, how weight and volume it is, they will organize this for you. During loading, supplier will show you how they load the products into container, and also with vessel information, such as billing of loading number, container number and shipping name, etc, at this time, you need to pay for balance to them to close your order.

Before the container arrival, you should require clearance documents, for instance, packing list, commercial invoice and bill of loading. Now, all documents is electrical version, there is no doubt for you to use it to pick container up.
Above is all the process of importing ATV, hope I make my words clearly and helpful. Any question of importing, we will share more later in the next articles. Please keep sustained attention.