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Never Miss The Electric Hand Trolley

Never miss the Electric hand trolley

The biggest difference between the human and animals is knowing how to make and use the tools. In order to free hands, a lot of works can be finished without human power while with green energy to keep balance of environment. Today I will introduce two types electric hand trolley, which play a important role in our daily works.

First one is QTP200E model with 24v/20Ah battery, lead-acid and lithium is optional. Max safety load capacity is 300kg, working time 6-8hours with fully loading, only 2hours charging time to maximize work efficiency. Maintenance-free brushless motors extended service life, to make sure high cost performance. The body was made by metal material, which matched 3.00-8 pneumatic wheels make powerful supporting, also inclines of up to 20 degrees. Front shovel is customized to meet different demands.

As a small work equipment, one of the most important element is easy operation. One touch switch for connecting power, 1F+1R control button on right handle, convenient press-type speed control, 3 level light to instruct battery capacity, with low noise to suitable for house using as well.

Besides, the most attractive point is the versatility by different design as follows, no matter what function you request, QTP200E can achieve completely.

Another one is QTP200C model climbing stair trolley, different from QTP200E is the strongest stair performance. 500W motor make your work powerful, with 48v/12Ah lithium battery. Max loading is 200kg , forward speed is 40stairs/min, work continuously for up to 8 hours after fully charging. 3.50-5 air wheels and two additional supporting wheels make climbing easily. Body made by industrial SS304 stainless steel, the baffle can be added as a partition, fixed for pulling the items easy to roll like water bucket.

The main parts like motor and battery behind of the body, master switch and controller switch at the top, with similar operation to QTP200E. Only some notifications before using:
1.Please check the climbing frequency of the S-crankarm up and down the stairs with an empty condition
2. Please confirm you know the center of gravity of the trolley.
3.Loading a small amount of goods at the beginning, and gradually reach a ully loaded state.

As we all know, Trade Peak is not only provided promised products but also committed on reliable service before shipment, especially in package. For these two model, it’s 95% assembled before shipping, only wheels need to be mounted when you received. There is a moisture-proof film for fixed protection inside, and the outer box is made of double-layer fiberboard wooden pallet. To make sure each equipment is protected perfectly during transporting.

Trade Peak’s goal is to simplify the work for many different clients and offer a highly versatile electric hand trolley, This particular equipment has proven very useful for:

– Construction work

– Renovations

– Landscaping

– Garden work

– Farm transportation

– Home use

We also received many kindly feedback from all over the worlds which show the nice performance. For you guys who are focus on the small works, why not choose a smart hand trolley to help you to make a relax in your life? Lead time is fast and stable, don’t hesitate to inquiry!  We are looking forward to seeing you in next page!