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Have You Found The Best Mini Dumper For Work?

Have you found the best mini dumper for work?

A few days before, we meet the fifteenth of the twenty-four solar terms- White Dew. We called “ Bailu” in Chinese. It means the end of the hottest weather, from now on, the climate gets cooler. At the change of weather, people would like to do labor, such as clearing the garden, renovating house, then you need to find a good partner to help you in different conditions. Something like Mini dumper is for small work and easy to handle to simply your work, definitely, it is a best option. But, do you know how to choose it to achieve the best functions? Hope this page can help you.

Trade Peak’s mini dumper can be divided to 3 kinds: Manual tipping dumper, hydraulic tipping type and Hydrostatic loader.

About the manual type, it’s suitable for the small work like clearing your garden. There’s also with adjustable hopper and close to meet your different requirements. When you want to transport some pruned branches, vegetation, which is in irregular shape and with uneven length, you can extend or shorten the hopper size, also transform it to a flat to let it possible to load different things. About those loose item, closed hopper is more favorable. Transmission is gear box with 3 forward and 1 reverse, you can control the speed according to yourself.

If you don’t want to tip the hopper by yourself, there’s also hydraulic tipping type for your options. These machines usually load something heavy, especially for soil, gavel, so capacity is generally above 500kg, and it’s very popular to be used with mini excavator, working in farms or landscapes. Transmission also gear box with 3F+1R, the highest version is 6F+2R to offer bigger power.

Last one is the full hydrostatic type dumper , levers are all concentrated on the console with easy reach, foot pedal makes user more safe and relax while operating . Electric start method is stable and efficient, front shovel can help you load materials into bucket without labor, no matter in transporting or tipping, it’s most convenient. Even to work with large equipment together, it plays a good role.

Above these tips are to help you to choose the helpful machine, according to their attributes, definitely, there’s also some common features to prove our mini dumper is the ideal choice for you.
– Frame produce process: Trade Peak mini dumpers are with 3mm thickness hopper, with laser cutting to ensure that every angle and dimension is exactly, not modeling.
– Separated gear structure: This design of gear box with our own patent, exchange lever accurately.
– Coloring technique: Sun-proof powder coating twice, more uniform color distribution , also to avoid discolor.
– Certificated by CE/EPA: After all, safety is the priority, each machine has been passed professional certificate, completely meet your local policy.
– Streamline design according to human body mechanics, we committed to the design of comfort to operator, also can adjust the width and height of the handle to meet your requirements.

At Trade Peak, our goal is to help each client to find their exclusive machine, and let these products maximize their value. Welcome to your any comments and advice, your feedback is our best encouragement.